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Formation of a Narcissist and His Narcissistic Supplies- Part 3

In the previous two articles I wrote about the foundation that set up the formation of a Narcissist, if you have read the previous articles, you would have read about that his surroundings are the main influences that caused this disorder.

Using my EX as the example, his mother was the main contribution to form the Narcissistic traits in him, but not to say it’s all because of his mother, I do believe that HIM himself has a lot to contribute to this disorder. In other words, if he does not think that he is the “BEST”, he would have been more humble and would have behaved in a different way and treated the people around him differently, therefore, HE actually does think that he is the “KING” and enjoys the lifestyle according to how HE wants it to be.

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Formation of a Narcissist and His Narcissistic Supplies- Part 2

In my first post, I’ve written about some of the influences that can “help” form a Narcissist.

(See here:

Narcissism can be formed from the encouragements given from his surroundings, this “encouragement” is often not really as it is… It is more of a tolerance than an actual encouragement. The people around him created that sense of “highness” for him by allowing the behaviours that were unacceptable.

Another source of supply that formed my ex husband’s Narcissism is his MOM.

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Formation of a Narcissist and His Narcissistic Supplies- Part 1

Every individual is born with his/her unique but flexible personality (e.g. introverts or extroverts, confidence level, seriousness or playful, shy or outgoing) that can be influenced from different factors. The way we think, how we behave, how we react to situations, and how we manage our emotions, are all learnt and developed as we grow older. Our personality defines who we really are, our behaviours are the reflections of our personality. Each behaviour is closely linked to our thoughts, our thoughts are often linked to what we’ve learnt through cultural background, environments, the people we interact with, and then linked to how we react to certain things.

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Things You Might Encounter when in an Abusive Narcissistic Relationship

A relationship takes two people to work together. It should be a two-way street and both partners must put in efforts to make it work.

BUT, if you are in a relationship with a Narcissist, get ready to take the punch.

Here are a few things that you might encounter when being in an abusive relationship with a Narcissist:

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My Experience with a Narcissist

I was in a 10 year relationship with a Narcissist, and I am glad that I have ended it.

Throughout the whole 10 years, I have experienced from being a special “chosen one” to the “second best” to the “not good enough one” to the “last priority”.

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9 Typical Signs and Symptoms of a Narcissist

Ever encounter a man at a party or any social event who is very talkative and charming?

Ever met a man, who makes you wonder “how on earth is this man still single?”

Ever met someone who sometimes when you listen to what he is talking about makes you just want to roll your eyes and think to yourself:” Oh man…He’s talking about himself, AGAIN!”

Yes, these are some of the thoughts you might have when you meet a Narcissist. Continue reading

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Have you ever being in a relationship that made you feel that something is always “missing”?

Have you ever being in a relationship when you not sure if this person loves you or not even you have being with that person for so many years?

Have you ever being in a relationship when at the first few months it made you feel as if you have met the love of your life but then all of a sudden being thrown into a deep end by that person?

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