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5 Feel Good Happy Songs

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I remember when I was in high school I used to spend a lot of time on listening to different songs and record the music videos (oh man~~ I missed those old VHS tapes), I enjoy my music and can’t live without them.

I enjoy driving alone with my music and sing them out loud; I enjoy dancing to the music whether I am by myself or with others; I enjoy music when I feel sad; I enjoy music when I am working and I enjoy music when I take my showers. I’ve always enjoy the good musics, from rock to pop, anything that’s good, I’d enjoy, and the music videos add more flavour to the songs.

Here I’d like to share some songs that’s uplifting and enjoyable to watch and to listen to:

1. White Knuckles – OK Go

Lots of hard work was put into this video and everyone knows that it’s not easy working with animals… but they did it after many takes over days and practice, practice and practice to finish this awesome music video. After you’ve watched this, you’d also start singing “yeah~maybe it’s not so bad~”, and that’s sometimes what we all need, to just relax a bit and see things in a different way.

They also have a new awesome music video for their song “I Won’t Let You Down” check it out here:

2.  Pop Ya Collar – Usher

I like Usher and, ya, I know some of his music is about player, women and partying and the happy single lifestyle, but if you’re single, hey~why not have a bit of fun (responsible fun though…)?!

The lyrics of this song is the part I like the most. “If you work hard play hard, And do what you wanna do, Just pop ya collar don’t let what people say bother you”. The song is about if we work hard and live the life we want, there’s nothing wrong with that, there’s a part that goes “I break my neck for the things I get, so much sweat just so I can get that check, and I’m not gonna let nobody bring me down”. People often become envy with those who appears to have “better” life style, but they have no idea how much work had been put into it. So if you know you have put your heart and soul into getting where you are today, then “pop ya collar and don’t be afraid to show it!”

3. Happy – Pharrell Williams

YES! The most HAPPY song ever made!!! Just as the title of the song goes, this song really make you really want to get up and shake to the beat. Enuff Said!

4. Roar – Katy Perry

The lyrics of this song point out a lot about some women being in a relationship. This song in a way is quite helpful for me that time when I was feeling confused. Sometimes when we are in a relationship, we do tend to be too scared to fight back against something that we do not like and we “sit quietly, agreed politely”. We do have a choice in life to become stronger and stand up for ourselves if we happened to be in a bad relationship. This song is saying exactly that don’t let anyone push you to your breaking point, you can either speak your mind and be firm or you can be strong and be happy on your own rather than just compromising for crap.

5. Make It Mine – Jason Mraz

This song is saying that don’t wait and start owning your life! Stop dreaming and start making your dreams come true!

I personally love Jason Mraz, his music is the “soul comforting” type. His other songs like “The Remedy” and “The World As I See It” are the two of my personal favourites. His music is about love, life, peace and joy but in the meantime he would remind us about the reality side of them. His musics give me hope.

Well, there are a lot more other musics that I would like to share, but for now, just enjoy. 🙂


Author: Li Lee

Hyper, Sensitive, Always Positive and Happy person with a hint of depression. Believes in LOVE but also REALISTIC. Stubborn and Strong Minded in a sense that will force myself to do what I believe is right until proven otherwise (even though sometimes people can tell me what I was doing is not right for me). A Fighter and a Survivor.

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