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9 Typical Signs and Symptoms of a Narcissist

Ever encounterĀ a man at a party or any social event who is very talkative and charming?

Ever met a man, who makes you wonder “how on earth is this man still single?”

Ever met someone who sometimes when you listen to what he is talking about makes you just want to roll your eyes and think to yourself:” Oh man…He’s talking about himself, AGAIN!”

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Have you ever being in a relationship that made you feel that something is always “missing”?

Have you ever being in a relationship when you not sure if this person loves you or not even you have being with that person for so many years?

Have you ever being in a relationship when at the first few months it made you feel as if you have met the love of your life but then all of a sudden being thrown into a deep end by that person?

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Live for the “I”

For a long time, I have always being living in the shadow of someone else…

That “someone” could be my mom, my sister, my friend, my partner or just a random

I have always being the type of person who was too afraid to express myself and my own feelings towards others, because I was too scared of being “unliked” by the people around me. I have always tried to be the “good person” for others, therefore, I am always put what I would like for myself last.

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